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The north shore of St John is home to many of the finest beaches in the Caribbean. Trunk Bay, a favorite of the cruise ship crowd is truly stunning. Solomon and Honeymoon Beaches are secluded and only accessible via boat or hiking. Hawksnest, Cinnamon, Maho and Francis Bay all offer incredible pristine settings with varying amounts of amenities. All are protected via their status within the USVI National Park Waters. Much less accessible are Brown Bay and Haulover Bay which many times will offer a secluded, private beach setting. Both bays have excellent snorkeling but can be somewhat exposed when the seas are rough.


Salt Pond Bay is a conveniently-located white sand beach for those residing in, or visiting the Coral Bay side of the island. It is also an excellent alternative for those seeking calm water on days when the surf is breaking on the north.

Kiddel Bay – Looking for a real “Off the Beaten Track” Beach? Frustrated when trying to find some solitude at a North Shore National Park beach? Are the waves breaking on the north making for difficult swimming or snorkeling? If you don’t mind sacrificing a sand beach for a cobblestone and coral rubble beach, an ideal alternative might be Kiddel Bay on the South Shore located just west of Salt Pond Bay.

Little Lameshur Bay – Like the beach at Salt Pond Bay, Lameshur is an excellent alternative to north shore beaches, especially on days when winter swells may make swimming and snorkeling on the north uncomfortable.


Named for its long and lovely white sand beach, White Bay is a favorite among boaters who are looking to enjoy a day on Jost Van Dyke. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, White Bay is home to multiple restaurant/bars such as the Soggy Dollar Bar, Gertrude’s and Jewel’s Snack Shack.


Aptly named, spacious Great Harbour on Jost Van Dyke is sheltered by small mountains. An ample, if sometimes difficult holding anchorage, Great Harbour has moorings as well as an easy entrance down the center, but avoid the large reef that extends 300 yards from the beach. Home of Foxy’s and the island’s customs office.


Sandy Cay a favorite among charterers, Sandy is a beautiful small island with plenty of beach and some good snorkeling off shore. Sandy Spit is further east, adjacent to Little Jost. Sandy Spit is a superb day anchorage over sandy ground with excellent snorkeling, especially the shallow wall off the south shore.


Another fabulous beach that is accessible only via a rough ride over a difficult dirt road, via hiking or by boat, Smugglers Cove is perfect if you prefer peace and quiet at an uncrowded beach with great snorkeling. A truly unique place that is a testiment to West Indian ingenuity, Smugglers Cove Bar and Snack Stand uses a car battery to run the blender, so expect the unexpected…


A wonderfully casual beach, Manchioneel Bay is the home of the Cooper Island Beach Club. A great snorkeling reef, Cistern Point is at the south end of the bay, as well as snorkeling over sea grass (watch for sailboat keels). A not-to-be-missed experience!