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The U.S. Virgin Islands consist of the three main islands St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix in addition to around 50 minor islands and cays. No need for a passport to visit the nearby islands below! Check out the other destinations pages to see our favorite beaches and snorkeling spots to visit on your charter. Our captains can point you to several hidden locations for a unique experience.


The jewel of the USVIs, St. John is located 4 miles east of St Thomas. Approximately 60% of St. John is part of the Virgin Islands National Park. Wild animals abound on St. John including donkeys, mongoose, goats, iguanas, chickens, and roosters and even a few scorpions and tarantulas (none that are deadly). The main public entry point to St. John is the Ferry Dock located in the heart of Cruz Bay (and right next to Ocean Runner). Cruz Bay is host to many shops, restaurants, and a wide range of services (Banks, Taxis, Watersports, etc.). There is currently one large resort on the island, The Westin. Most guests stay in private villas or one of the mid-size condominium complexes like The Grand Bay Resort or Gallows Point. Some of the best beaches, diving, and snorkeling in the world are on or around St. John. Some are only accessible via a long hike or by boat. Our locally based captains can take you many places the masses will never see.


St. Thomas is one of the most breathtaking harbors in the world and the most visited port in the Caribbean. A mountainous island with shimmering bays, powdery white beaches, flowing green hills, and a near perfect climate year round make this destination one of the most desirable. The second largest of the United States Virgin Islands, St. Thomas spans 32 square miles of tropical beauty. The island is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the North side and the Caribbean Sea on the South. Its highest peaks rise to 1,550 ft. above sea level, providing breathtaking views from almost every direction. St. Thomas is the liveliest island of the three U.S. Virgins, and, perhaps, the liveliest in the Caribbean, with attractions including everything from sightseeing and shopping, to sailing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, and kayaking. Or, simply find your favorite sandy spot and relax. Our main location in Cruz Bay is just a short ferry ride across over in St. John. We do have a few pick-up locations over in St. Thomas, so be sure to give us a call if you’d like to hear about some of our options.


The nearby surrounding island of Lovango Cay is located just a short boat ride from St. John and St. Thomas. Lovango is a private island and a one-of-a-kind USVI destination. Stop by Lovango Cay for a spectacular experience as part of your day on the water with Ocean Runner. There are a variety of options on this private island including Lovango Waterfront Restaurant, the Lovango Village’s Green Oyster tequila and raw bar, The Beach Club, plus the General Store for great coffee and homemade ice-cream.  Lovango Village’s exclusive boutiques feature local brands, chic finds, and even your latest beach read.


Congo Cay is one of the most beautiful non-inhabited cays in the Virgin Islands. This remote island is covered with lush tropical forests, a variety of local wildlife, and is a nesting habitat for brown pelicans. Located to the north of Lovango, the water here tends to stay calm and offers excellent snorkeling. Among other things, nurse sharks and eagle rays are found hanging out along the sandy bottom. Be sure to let your captain know if you’d like to check out this terrific snorkeling spot.