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One of the highlights of any trip to the US Virgin Islands is a day on the water to see the wide variety of surrounding islands, coves, and reefs this area has to offer. In addition to relaxing on the best beaches in the Caribbean, our guests enjoy snorkeling, diving, and island hopping for great food and drink. Your itinerary is fully customizable to your desires!

Our captains know these islands, activities, and waters better than anyone and will gladly help you chart out a plan for your trip. The goal is to provide you with your ideal day on the water. There are many hidden gems that only a captain knows and can navigate. Keep in mind that sea conditions may also help to dictate location choices. We check the weather regularly to give you the best forecast and tips for your day.

We are not currently chartering to British Virgin Islands destinations, but there are still plenty of US destinations to explore.


There is much to discover during your trip to the Virgin Islands. Our full day charters and boat rentals provide a great opportunity to explore the beautiful and sometimes remote islands that make up St. John and St. Thomas. You never know what you’ll see during your adventure!

an island in the middle of a body of water


The Virgin Islands offer some of the finest beaches found anywhere in the world, not to mention the Caribbean. With warm white sandy beaches, bright turquoise water, and lush green mountains, it makes sense why so many visit the area. Our captains are happy to help you explore some of our local favorites during your adventure with us.

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The Virgin Islands are home to some of the most incredible snorkeling. We offer complimentary snorkel gear for guests aboard our chartered vessels, while offering convenient snorkel gear rentals in our dive shop.  So hop on in and observe colorful fish among the coral reefs and hungry turtles along the seagrass beds.

a turtle swimming under water


A fun day on the water can absolutely work up an appetite. Luckily, we have some wonderful lunch options that our guests can incorporate into their full day charters. Be sure to let your Captain know at the beginning of your day if you’d like to grab some grub at some of these unique locations.

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