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a small boat in a body of water

One of the most fun things to do on vacation is eat, drink and be merry! We know you deserve it, that’s why your day out with Ocean Runner includes the perfect pairing of sun, fun, food and drink. Cruz Bay, St. John is a great place to start and end your day. There are a bevy of great restaurants and bars to check out. One of our favorites is the High Tide Bar and Seafood Restaurant, and their street-side spot The Dock. The Dock has great breakfast foods to-go, like breakfast burritos. If you are looking for your daily brew, head across the park over to Cruz Bay Landing’s coffee bar where you can get the best cold coffee on the island! If you are in the mood for juice, head over towards the Post Office and across the street to Thomas’ Juice Bar. We recommend the fresh coconut, with a splash of rum!

Once we are out on the water, the islands are yours to explore! Our captains will gladly help plan your itinerary and share our guests’ top recommendations. You can also read about them on our Trip Advisor page. We picked out a few of our favorites to share with photos and videos right here in our website. The bars are our favorites for the food and drink, and what happens after a few good rounds! A word of advice, trust your captain’s recommendations and let yourself go someplace else! If you are at Foxy’s, be sure to try the Lime n’ the Coconut. Once you get to White Bay, take all your pain away at the Soggy Dollar Bar (Home of the Painkiller!), or slip down to Gertrude’s to experience a pour-your-own-drink bar.

Foxys bar is on Jost Van Dyke and is the best bar for sailors and boaters to come and see the life on Jost

Foxy is the man behind the bar, guitar and the scene on Jost Van Dyke!

Many of our guests rave about their meals at the Pirates Bight on Norman Island. It is a perfect follow-up after a swim and snorkel and the Caves and Indians, so add that to your itinerary if you are going to Caves and Indians. (Check out our map on the homepage to get a sense of distances and directions.) One of our favorite local dishes is called Roti. Roti is made from a soft flour wrap filled with Caribbean-style curried chicken. Try it with some Caribbean hot sauce on the side for a truly local taste!





Jumping off the Willy T Floating Bar is a tourist destination in the British Virgin Islands, on Norman Island in the Bight

Jumping off the Willy T is a rite of passage for many in the Caribbean!

There is no reason to just stop at one place, so tempt yourself to keep exploring! We have a lot of experience traveling through the Virgin Islands and can keep up if you can! It is always fun to take guests to the famous Willy T Floating Bar and Grill where body shots, fake tattoos and deep water diving are everyday affairs!

We hope our recommendations will help you plan your perfect day. Feel free to ask us questions on our Facebook page.

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