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Organized Chaos in Cruz Bay

a large body of water with a city in the background

Each port city has its own distinctive flavor, and some are wilder than others. If this is true, Cruz Bay, St. John keeps the pirate’s heart warm. Though times have changed, there is still booty to be found. Even with today’s navigational equipment, boats still run aground on the harbor’s protective, fringing reefs. Perhaps it is…

Safe Boating in Virgin Islands National Park

a man that is standing in the water

Here at Ocean Runner, we believe the perfect day on the water starts and ends with safe boating practices. We have two National Parks to explore by boat in St. John. There is Virgin Islands National Park, and Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument. These two protected areas are rich with marine life, and gorgeous, delicate,…

Aquanauts Dive St. John for NASA

a painting of a book

Millions of people flock to St. John each year to enjoy the warm Caribbean waters and sunshine. There seems to be a special ‘call of the sea’ that lures people to come, and stay, for a while. Here at Ocean Runner, we hear it all the time! Perhaps it is the crystal clear water, or the bright…